Finding the Help You Need After A Traumatic Brain Injury

The human body is one of nature’s most complex machines, and its continued normal operation relies on your brain’s safety and functioning. Our skeletal system protects such a vital piece of our body, but there are times when it can’t keep us safe. Traumatic Brain Injuries can occur from negligent motor vehicle accidents or any kind of unintentional impact to the skull. While you may feel as if you were not hurt that badly, even “mild” head injuries can have lasting effects and are far more serious than you would think.

What is a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)?

A Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) is a blow or jolt to the head or a penetrating head injury that disrupts brain function. While motor vehicle accidents are an expected cause of these injuries, even ordinary slips and falls or some form of impact on your head can cause a TBI. In South Carolina, Traumatic Brain Injuries caused the death of 1,575 residents in 2021. Among non-fatal cases, the top causes of injury were all due to negligence, whether during operating a motor vehicle or some other form of negligence. Even “mild” non-fatal TBIs caused by said negligence can have life-long effects on the victims and their families and friends. But what does a “mild” or non-fatal TBI look like?

Severities of Traumatic Brain Injuries:

  • Mild: If you lose consciousness, it’s for less than 30 minutes. Your brain studies are “within normal limits.”
  • Moderate: You’re unconscious for up to 24 hours, and your brain scans show signs of trauma.
  • Severe: You’re unconscious for more than 24 hours, and your imaging studies (like CT scans) show obvious damage.

Find the Help you Need

There are several different severities when it comes to TBIs, but even those listed as “mild” injuries can cause devastating life-long effects for the victim and their families. Mood swings, consistent nausea, amnesia, and poor balance are just a few of the extended effects a “mild” TBI can cause. The lifetime cost of suffering a traumatic injury can range from $85,000 to 3 million dollars. That’s why when you suffer any kind of accidental event, be it a motor vehicle, fall, or impact to your head of any kind, it’s essential to seek medical treatment to ensure you are alright and to discover your options. We are lucky here in the Upstate of South Carolina to have a wonderful Prisma Health Inpatient Brain Injury Program at Roger C. Peace Hospital, specializing in early, aggressive acute inpatient rehabilitation services to help restore people struggling with traumatic brain injuries (TBIs). With its 37-bed rehabilitation CARF Accredited Care facility, it is an excellent resource for those who have suffered a TBI.

Getting in touch with an attorney who specializes in TBI cases is also an essential step when you suffer from a negligent head injury. While you may feel you haven’t suffered that serious of an injury or that your insurance will help cover the costs of any treatment, that is frequently not the case. As mentioned earlier, even a “mild” TBI can cause a lifetime of effects, both monetary and physical, and insurance agencies are for-profit businesses looking to find loopholes not to give you the compensation you deserve to cover treatment for your injuries. You want to find someone experienced in these cases when looking for an attorney.

Experiencing any kind of traumatic brain injury can bring serious health and monetary problems into your life. These can potentially be short-term care needs or even life-long conditions that will affect you. That’s why at Smith & Beckey Injury Lawyers, we fight aggressively for our clients’ needs, ensuring they receive the compensation they deserve when their life is brought down this new road. Don’t fall into the trap of following your insurance company’s “best” recommendations; get in touch with our experienced team with your claim so you can have the aid you need.

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