How to Identify and Report OSHA Violations Within the Workplace

In any work environment, it is crucial to your health and well-being to feel safe in your workplace. Sometimes, however, a workplace may seem safer than it really is.

Over 14 workers are killed every year and roughly 2,500 employees are injured while working in a seemingly safe environment.

In order for employees to protect themselves from dangers lurking in the workplace, there are several things every employee should look for while on the job.

1. Know OSHA safety rules

Every company is required to work under OSHA safety rules in order to maintain operation. Employees who have a general understanding of these rules are better equipped to spot violations. Employees are allowed and encouraged to report any violations and can receive workers compensation for any serious violations. Employees should never be forced to endure unsafe work conditions and always have the right to be compensated.

2. Know how and when to report a violation

If you discover a violation within your workplace, you should first notify your employer. Employers are responsible for maintaining a safe work environment. They will usually correct the violation immediately in order to avoid an official OSHA complaint.

But if your employer refuses to correct the violation, notify your union. Unions have better and more efficient communication with company leaders.

If your union is unable to help with the violation, you must contact your agency. Fear of retaliation from company leaders is a common concern for employees. But notifying authorities from within a company can drastically improve the outcome of a violation report.

Actively looking for and properly reporting safety violations within the workplace can help prevent countless injuries and deaths. But if you’ve experienced a workplace injury due to OSHA violations, contact Richard Smith at (864) 236-5530 for a free consultation.

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