How to Keep Mistakes in Your Medical Records from Damaging Your Case

If you’re pursuing a personal injury case, your medical records–both past and present–play a critical role in the success of your case.

Although you can’t correct mistakes in your past medical records, there are ways to prevent mistakes in your medical records following an injury or disability.

1. Specify the cause of injury.

When you go to the hospital, tell the physicians attending you the incident that caused your injury (car wreck, work incident, etc.).

2. Share everything.

Tell your physician every part of your body, from head to toe, that is affected by the incident, even if you don’t think it is important or relevant.

3. Reiterate current pain or injury at every appointment.

Repeat this in every medical appointment afterward so that your physician can record every time what parts of your body are affected. Some physicians may assume that a previous pain or injury has been resolved if you don’t mention it specifically.

4. Get a physician who won’t doubt your injury.

Consult your personal injury attorney for recommendations for a medical provider. Some medical providers are actually hostile to personal injury cases, so it’s important to see the right physician.

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