3 Ways Road Construction Impacts You

We've all dealt with road construction, and if you haven't, where do you live, and how do we get there? Road construction is a necessary evil. It can be incredibly frustrating for drivers and unimaginably dangerous for the workers. Several factors contribute to road construction hazards, from the bright blinding lights to unexpected traffic patterns. Here is some critical information for drivers or roadside workers to help keep everyone safe while your highways and streets get an upgrade. 

What’s with the light?

We have all experienced this moment on a long drive. You turn a corner on a quiet night drive, and then bam! Massive construction lights blind you. The lights help with construction, that’s true, but they are also there for you to see the workers and equipment. It seems pretty basic, but the lights can be a considerable obstacle, especially for people with vision impairments. Remember, if you’re driving at night, be alert for any construction signs and be ready for those big, bright lights. 

Slow your roll. 

Let’s talk about those “be prepared to stop” signs. While you may think it’s a suggestion, it’s not. The signs indicate upcoming construction, but they’re also your warning that there is an inevitable change in traffic patterns coming, and you need to be ready for what lies ahead. At this time, there will most likely be periods of confusion for many drivers, and confused drivers lead to accidents. For the safety of yourself, passengers, other drivers, and roadside workers, you must slow down and be prepared to come to a complete stop. 

Please show me the facts. 

Did you know? According to the CDC, there are an estimated 123 fatal work-related injuries at road construction sites per year. The number of drivers who have lost their lives is even higher. “From 1982 through 2017, 27,037 individuals (about 773 per year) lost their lives in work zone crashes.” In 2002, a peak year, over 1,000 people died in work zone incidents. Preventing these accidents is imperative to the safety of both drivers and workers. More lights, more signs, slowing down, and paying attention can help save lives. It’s that simple. 

Wrapping things up. 

Let’s face it, you hate that pothole on your morning commute, and the only way to fix it is with a bit of road work. This means you will have to watch for roadside workers, construction signs, and other drivers. Auto collisions around the work zone are entirely preventable. We just need to pay a little more attention. Whether you’re a worker or driver, we have to share the space for the betterment of our roadways. So stay alert, be ready to stop, and make sure you’re giving the workers enough room to do their jobs safely. 

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