How to Deal With Aggressive Drivers

We have all experienced it before. You’re driving down the highway, and suddenly everything comes to a halt. Cars are lined up, bumper to bumper, for what seems like miles. Then, suddenly, you hear a car horn blaring behind you. Traffic starts to pick up slowly, but the angry driver behind you follows your car at a close distance and is agitated. You’re still stuck in traffic with nowhere to turn. How do you deal with this type of aggression? 

Here are some practical things that you can do: 

  1. Do not respond to the other driver. 

When we feel that we are being threatened or attacked, our first instinct is to react to the situation. However, defensiveness may only escalate the tension further and cause you or others to be in danger. You must avoid any escalation of conflict at all times and stay in your vehicle.

  1. Give yourself plenty of space. 

Allow enough room around your vehicle so that you can pull out or around if someone approaches your vehicle. In certain situations, it may be challenging to position your car in a way that allows for an easy exit. Creating some distance between you and the aggressive driver can keep you safe, calm, and focused. 

  1. Never attempt to take the right of way. 

An angry driver can be unpredictable. You cannot always trust them to have your best interest in mind during a stressful situation. Be patient and calm, and make sure that the right of way is being given to you by other drivers. If you’re uncertain, let the aggressive driver have the chance to go first if possible. Your safety on the road is worth waiting for the angry driver to pass. 

Ultimately, if you are ever in a situation where an aggressive driver is causing you or others harm, call 911 immediately. If needed, drive to a busy public place where there are witnesses. It’s essential to be prepared before encountering an aggressive driver. Thinking ahead and taking charge of your actions helps a bad situation from getting worse. 

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