4 Mistakes to Avoid During a Personal Injury Claim

Dealing with painful injuries or expensive bills after an accident can be overwhelming, especially when you’re juggling numerous documents and medical appointments. Understanding the top mistakes to avoid during a personal injury claim is crucial, ensuring you don’t let anything fall through and securing the full compensation your claim deserves.  Let’s look at the top […]

Know your Hazards: Motorcycles & You

Riding down an open road with the wind in your hair and the horizon spread out before you has become an iconic image in many Americans’ minds when they think about motorcycles. But sadly, the more tragic picture of a bike torn up on the side of the road and its driver being placed in […]

8 Tips for Motorcycle Safety

According to the National Highway Safety & Transportation Administration, “There are over 4 million motorcycles registered in the United States. Motorcycle fatalities represent approximately 5% of all highway fatalities each year.” When sharing the road with large, fast, powerful automobiles, motorcycle drivers have a disadvantage when it comes to staying safe and avoiding a collision. […]

Driving Saftey Tips for SC Drivers

Most people are mindful of staying safe while on the road. However, there may be some hazardous conditions that many drivers encounter and do not know how to handle well. Here are 5 tips from the South Carolina Department of Public Safety about what to be aware of while driving and how to stay safe […]

Motorcycle Education Classes in Upstate South Carolina

One of the first steps of preventing a motorcycle collision is proper motorcycle safety education. Driving a motorcycle requires different skills and safety precautions than driving a car, which is one reason why every state and D.C. requires a Class M motorcycle license or endorsement in order to drive a motorcycle. Fatal motorcycle crashes occur […]

4 Common Causes for Motorcycle Crashes

With summer quickly approaching, more and more motorcyclists are out on the road. There’s nothing quite like the roar of a motorcycle engine or the joy of riding on a sunny day, the road stretching before you. But aside from all the pleasures of riding a motorcycle, there are real dangers, too. The small size […]

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