Driving Saftey Tips for SC Drivers

Most people are mindful of staying safe while on the road. However, there may be some hazardous conditions that many drivers encounter and do not know how to handle well.

Here are 5 tips from the South Carolina Department of Public Safety about what to be aware of while driving and how to stay safe on South Carolina roads.

1. Rain

Rain is a common element that all drivers deal with and one of the most dangerous conditions to drive in. It is extremely important to know how to drive in the rain and what to be aware of so you can avoid a crash:

“Always be mindful of standing water that can cause you to lose traction and control of your vehicle. You should turn on headlamps when it is raining. If your vehicle skids out of control, then steer in the direction of the skid. If you see water covering the roadway, don’t try to cross it as it may be too deep and your vehicle could stall in the water.”

2. Fog/Smoke

When driving in a foggy or smoky atmosphere, it is your responsibility as a driver to keep yourself and others safe while on the road. The SCDPS offers some vital instructions on what to do and what not to do while driving in foggy weather:

“When fog or smoke is present, turn on headlamps (daytime) and on low beam at night. High beam headlamps should not be used at night in foggy or smoky conditions because the fog can get reflected back to the source, thus making it more difficult to see. The white line on the right side of the roadway is for use as a guide during foggy conditions and can prevent you from going off the right side of the road.”

3. Work Zones

If you are driving on a South Carolina road or highway, you are more than likely going to run into some type of road work. Here’s what the SCDPS advises drivers to do when driving through road work areas:

“Workers building and modifying our highways and bridges must be protected while doing their work. When approaching work zones, slow down to allow for any unforeseen circumstances such as sudden stops in traffic or workers having to enter the roadway. The heavy equipment they use is dangerous to motorists as it frequently enters the road from various points along the work zones routes.”

4. Aggressive Drivers

We have all encountered our fair share of aggressive drivers on the road. Often, reckless and aggressive driving can be frightening and frustrating if you are unsure of how to handle the situation. Here is what the SCDPS advises drivers to do the next time they find themselves alongside one of these drivers:

“If you encounter someone who is driving recklessly or aggressively, slow down to allow him/her to go around you and keep a safe distance. Never try to “compete” or take a stand against that person; just let them go and stay clear of them.”

5. Tire Blowout

Hopefully, you will never have to experience a tire blowout while driving. Regardless, it is important to be prepared for how to deal with it in the event that it does happen:

“Have a good grip on the steering wheel and allow your car or motorcycle to coast to a stop and try to get off the main traveled portion of the roadway. Do not brake or speed up to get out of the way of other motorists as this may cause your vehicle to crash.”

If you’ve ever been involved in a collision, you know how stressful and scary they can be. Sometimes even the most careful drivers find themselves in a collision due to road conditions, weather, or another driver’s mistake.

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