Top 5 Reasons You May Be Denied Social Security Disability

According to Disability Benefits Help, around 70% of all social security disability claims are denied when first evaluated. Why do so many claims get denied? With only an initial success rate of 30%, how can you avoid falling into the negative percentile? Disability Benefits Help provides 5 main reasons that Social Security Disability Claims are denied: 

1. Lack of Medical Evidence 

To get your claim approved, you first must prove that the circumstances under which you sustained your injury are valid. In order to do this, you must have medical records to prove the date and cause of your injury. Otherwise, your claim lacks important evidence and may cease to be reviewed further. 

2. Prior Denials 

It is usually better to appeal your claim rather than file a brand new one every time your claim is denied. A personal injury lawyer may help you appeal your claim and meet the proper criteria.  

3. Too Much Income 

This factor is only relevant if you are applying for SSI. These stipulations are not required for SSDI. However, if you are working and make over $910 per month when applying for Social Security Disability, your claim may have a higher chance of getting denied. 

4. Failure to Follow Medical Treatment 

If your medical records require that you participate in any type of wellness treatment and you neglect to do so, your claim could get denied. You must follow directions from your medical professional. Otherwise, a medical examiner will not be able to properly track your progress and therefore, cannot determine whether your injury truly prevents you from being able to work. 

5. Failure to Cooperate 

In order to have a better chance of seeing your claim approved, it is best to comply with the instructions given to you. Be sure to provide all requested documents, appear at your medical exams and stay in close communication with your injury lawyer. Failure to do these things could cause your case to be dismissed. 

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